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2017 Mill Rate &Tax Levies


The chart below reflects the 2017 tax bill Tax bills compared to 2016.  State law requires that property tax bills are mailed no later than December 15th of the tax year.


  2016 2016 2016 2017 2016 2017
  Taxes Levied Tax Base Mill Rate Taxes Levied Tax Base Mill Rate
State of Wisconsin $41,218.13 $242,947,700 $1.69 $0 $248,508,800 $0
Sauk County $1,191,811.90 $242,947,700 $4.90 $1,246,256.45 $248,508,800 $5.01
Town of Merrimac $214,729.00 $242,947,700 $0.88 $216,546.00 $248,508,800 $0.87
Baraboo Schools $231,544.47 $26,077,800 $8.88 $244,531.26 $25,603,300 $9.55
Sauk Prairie Schools $2,063,475.77 $216,869,900 $9.51 $2,193,231.95 $222,905,500  $9.84
MATC #4 $234,558.65 $242,947,700 $0.96 $241,572.26 $248,508,800  $0.97
School Credit






Baraboo Schools Total Mill Rate   $14.07     $14.56
Sauk Prairie Schools Total Mill Rate   $14.71     $14.85


To calculate your tax bill, divide your assessed value by 1,000 and multiply the amount in the mill rate field for your school district.  Learn more about Equalized ValuesThe values above do not reflect the first dollar credit or the lottery credit that will be deducted from the total tax due.


One of the most misunderstood concepts about property taxes is how your taxes are levied against your property.  Most people view the assessment on their home as the critical factor, however, while it plays a role in determining your property tax, it is not nearly as important as the tax levy.  You see, the taxing jurisdiction levies the same amount of taxes regardless of the equalized value in the community.  The equalized value effects the mill rate, but it does effect the amount of taxes collected.


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