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Richard A. Grant Park

Clingman Property Acquisition - A Land Conservation Project of the Town


The Town of Merrimac, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), purchased the then Clingman property on Weigand's Bay.  With the disposition of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant (BAAP) pump house, which the DNR hopes to acquire, this property on Lake Wisconsin will become the largest park and conservation space for public enjoyment!  This land was funded through state grants and private donations!  The Town did not levy any taxes to make this park happen!  In April 2009, the Town Board named the park the Richard A. Grant Park as without his leadership, this project may never have been conceived or completed.


Key timelines surrounding the project include the apportionment of BAAP properties and the relocation of Hwy. 78.  Any development for day camping, etc., will most likely be on the portion where the pump house currently sits.  Until the BAAP apportionment is resolved and the pump house is removed, that portion will remain as it is today.  The Town wants to place a handicap fishing area in the bay along the current Hwy. 78 corridor.  The relocation of Hwy. 78 began in April of 2009, a dedication stone has been located on the property, and the pier should be placed in near future.


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